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Sakura Garden City Urban Development Project
(Former Project Name; Jakarta Southeast Capital Urban Development Project)

Country Indonesia
Sector Urban Development
Project Stage Green Field
Investment Partner (Japanese Company)

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.

Investment Partner (Foreign Company)


JOIN's Investment JPY 3.0 bn
Date of Approval

July 2017

Project Overview

Investment to participate in the construction and operation of the mixed-use urban development on about a 12 hectarearea in the South East region of Jakarta.


• The project adds a high value to the area through the formation of an abundant green environment and waterfront, the installation of expressway ICs, reformation of surrounding roads and the connectivity to the LRT which is currently under construction.
• Encourage the participation of Japanese companies for the first time in Indonesia and promotes Japanese housing products and housing management service in Jakarta.

Investment Scheme

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Project Location