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Automotive Proving Ground Project

Country Indonesia
Sector Road Transport
Project Stage Green Field
Investment Partner (Japanese Company)

Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Investment Partner (Foreign Company)

PT Gobel International

PT Bintang Predipa Persada

PT Hutama Karya

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor

JOIN's Investment Approximately JPY 1.4bil
Date of Approval

October 2022

Project Overview

The project is to design, construct, and maintain a vehicle proving ground in Bekasi Regency, in the west of West Java


・Positioned as an important project in Indonesia's policy to make Indonesia a production and export base for vehicles.
・To promote the spread of vehicles that meet safety and environmental standards, and improve the quality of transportation infrastructure.
・To improve the business environment for Japanese automakers in Indonesia through this proving ground that meets the international standards.

Investment Scheme

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Project Location