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JOIN Supports Creating High Definition Road Map in Europe

 Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) announces its decision and receipt of approval from the Minister of the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan to invest up to approximately JPY5.3 billion in creating a high-definition map data and software in Europe with Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. (DMP) through its newly established Germany-based subsidiary DMP Europe GmbH (DMP-EU).

 The funds provided by JOIN and DMP for this investment combined with the knowledge and experience DMP has gained through a previous project with JOIN in North America (announced on August 20th, 2021) will enable DMP-EU to create and provide a highdefinition road map (HD map) so that the company can expand its coverage over Europe.

 With the number of autonomous vehicles with HD map forecasted to increase in the near future, DMP’s accurate and high-quality HD map is gaining traction among many automakers and auto parts manufacturers. Through this investment, JOIN aims to support DMP’s expansion of data coverage as well as help Japanese automakers expand their sales of vehicles in Europe equipped with the same HD map and software data format as those sold in Japan and North America. We hope that DMP’s HD map will become one of the key factors leading to international HD map standardization.

 This project further aims to develop and expand high quality HD maps based on the advanced technologies developed by Japanese companies that are of shareholders of DMP. This investment is also expected to contribute to “Promote the Use of Digital Technologies/Data”, which is one of the concrete pillars set in the Japanese Government’s “Infrastructure System Overseas Promotion Strategy 2025.” With the international standardization of HD maps anticipated in the future, JOIN plans to support and facilitate discussions and negotiations with public sectors in order to promote DMP’s technological expertise in overseas markets.

JOIN Supports Creating High Definition Road Map in Europe