Press release


Memorandum of Cooperation with the Province of British Columbia, Canada

On June 16, 2022, Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development ("JOIN”) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (“MOC”) with the Province of British Columbia (“B.C. Province”), Canada.

The purpose of this MOC is to build up good rapport with each other and discuss/facilitate potential projects from the early stage including urban development and transportation projects in British Columbia (“B.C.”).

Mr. Tatsuhiko Takesada, President and CEO, JOIN, said, We are honored to sign the MOC with B.C. government today. It is the first step but a giant step for future cooperation. Our aim is to be involved in projects together with B.C. from the upstream by bringing investment opportunities and encouraging Japanese companies for their participation. We are excited to be working with B.C. government on this kind of initiatives going forward.”

Mr. Ravi Kahlon, Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation, said, This agreement will help broaden our horizons on transportation infrastructure and technology, and welcome international investment to B.C.. This will help B.C. achieve the core mission in our StrongerBC Economic Plan of building more resilient communities with modern infrastructure, better equipped to withstand changes in the climate and the economy.”

Going forward, JOIN continuously intends to be involved in the overseas transport and urban development projects from the early stages, cooperating with host governments and related parties, to facilitate Japanese companies through the creation of a business environment that encourages their participation in overseas projects.”

Memorandum of Cooperation with the Province of British Columbia, Canada