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Memorandum of Understanding with UAE International Investor Council

   On March 1, 2023, Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (“JOIN”, headquartered in Tokyo, President & CEO: Tatsuhiko Takesada) and the UAE International Investor Council (“UAEIIC”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”).

   The purpose of this MOU is to coordinate and cooperate with each other on potential projects from the early stage including urban development and transportation projects in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) and the third countries, especially the Middle East and North Africa region.

   JOIN continuously intends to be involved in the overseas transport and urban development projects from the early stages, cooperating with host governments and related parties, to facilitate Japanese companies through the creation of a business environment that encourages their participation in overseas projects.

<About UAEIIC (>
   UAEIIC was established in 2009 to act as a link between UAE international investors and government to enhance competitiveness of UAE international investments and to support the UAE international investors, stemming from the belief that efficient coordination and communication among investors which are the keys to achieving success abroad.

Memorandum of Understanding with UAE International Investor Council