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JOIN and EIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote investment for EIA’s Airport City Sustainability Campus and Hydrogen Hub

Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) and Edmonton Regional Airports Authority (“EIA”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") to cooperate with each other to promote investment for leading innovation in advanced technologies, advanced manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution, logistics with EIA’s Airport City Sustainability Campus as well as EIA’s development of Canada’s first consumer-facing hydrogen hub.

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is designated as a primary AI ​​research and innovation hub in the Pan-Canadian AI strategy. EIA is also a vital multi-modal cargo hub for Canada and home to Port Alberta, one of Canada’s Foreign Trade Zones for manufacturing and logistics. The region has also the largest energy industrial area in Canada and produces over 60% of Canada’s hydrogen. There is a strong focus on decarbonization and many opportunities to produce blue hydrogen or blue ammonia.

EIA’s Airport City Sustainability Campus development will attract a wide range of the technology, cargo, and hydrogen-related industries. With EIA’s hydrogen hub development, there are many opportunities to create a model for the decarbonization of transportation and logistics. Therefore, JOIN and EIA are strengthening their strategic partnership to expand business opportunities for both North and South American companies and Japanese companies.

In addition, JOIN and EIA will pave the way for expanding smart city services in EIA’s Airport City Sustainability Campus, following EIA’s partnership with NTT and its on-demand bus project that has already been introduced successfully in May 2021.

Mr. Tatsuhiko Takesada, President and CEO, JOIN, said, “We are excited to sign the MOU with EIA under abiding partnership and would like to strongly support EIA’s Hydrogen Hub development. As the first successful example of our partnership, we have already achieved success with the smart transportation project and the cutting-edge digital technologies introduced by NTT group. Our projects under this JOIN and EIA partnership will contribute to Japans priority policy of the carbon neutrality and the use of digital technologies/data stated in Japanese government's "Infrastructure System Overseas Promotion Strategy 2025". So we are convinced that EIA will become a showcase of smart and sustainable city for both countries.”

Mr. Tom Ruth, President & CEO, EIA, said, “Following the success of our on-demand bus project launch, we are thrilled to build on our partnership with JOIN in technology, cargo, and hydrogen. Our shared values in driving innovation in a sustainable way will serve as a strong foundation to creating jobs, stimulating economic development, and decarbonizing transportation. We look forward to partnering with JOIN on more projects and are excited for what our future holds.”


JOIN and EIA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote investment for EIA’s Airport City Sustainability Campus and Hydrogen Hub