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JOIN Supports the urban development DCP Project in Jakarta, Indonesia

  Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport & Urban Development (JOIN) received approval from the Minister of the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, to invest up to approximately JPY 11 billion to participate in the urban development project – DCP Project – located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia jointly with Hankyu Hanshin Property Co., Ltd (HHP), which together are referred to as Japanese consortium.

  The Japanese consortium will participate in the operation and management of three complex facilities in the center of Jakarta, developed by Duta Cakra Petra (DCP), a subsidiary of Sinarmas Land Limited. (SML), a leading Indonesian real estate development company.

  The project aims to improve the city landscape of Jakarta through revitalizing the quality of the facilities and their surroundings by making the best use of HHP’s accumulated experience about building maintenance. In addition, this project intends to promote the use of public transportations and reduce Jakarta’s heavy traffic congestion through pedestrian-oriented development such as improvement of the sidewalks and the underpass around the facilities.

  The project also hopes to contribute to accelerate Japan’s priority policy on its contribution to resolve social issues and achieve SDGs in partner countries stated in the objectives of the Japanese government's "Infrastructure System Overseas Promotion Strategy 2025" (formulated at the Ministerial Meeting on Strategy relating Infrastructure Export and Economic Cooperation on December 10, 2020).

(Project Overview)
・Use:Complex facilities
・Site Area:Approximately 2.5 ha
・Total Floor Area:132,000㎡

JOIN Supports the urban development DCP Project in Jakarta, Indonesia